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Fall Catering "Wow!" Moments

Seasonal Stations & Delights for Unforgettable Guest Experiences

It’s that time of year! A quick peek into your social feeds and retail offerings reveals everything you already knew: all things pumpkin spice have landed (love it or hate it), the vibes are getting warm and moody, and cozy season is upon us. In the catering world, that translates to fresh menus which highlight the abundance of harvest days, and leaning into experiences that provide guests with those same feelings that Fall is often associated with – home and hospitality.

Washington, D.C.’s Ridgewells Catering gets particularly excited about autumn days, which bring cooler weather, turning leaves, and a huge uptick in corporate events and weddings as clients seek to make the most of the season. Below, Ridgewells share some of their favorite catering moments that drove home the comfort of familiar favorites, while also curating thoughtful experiences for guests.


Greet guests for an outdoor event, such as a wedding, with stations that include hot apple cider (spiked or non-alcoholic), hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Your friends and family will appreciate something warm when the temperatures begin to drop, and thoughtful styling (shown here by @pamelabarefootevents) sets a marvelous tone for what’s to come.


Hanging baskets overflowing with fresh seasonal fruit, dutch ovens filled with molten chocolates and caramels, and toppings laid out for guests to indulge as they please. Ridgewells pre-skewers the apples and plants them inside greenery boxes, providing an interactive experience as guests “pick” their apples before dressing them. Grapevine leaves and plush floral displays provide additional warmth and beauty to this perfect outdoor station for weddings and events.


Is there anything more satisfying on a brisk fall day than a warm bowl of delicious soup? For a seated dinner, the chefs at Ridgewells Catering love a preset bowl with herbs and croquettes, which is topped tableside with hot soup after guests have settled in. It’s a tasty and familiar solution for a first course, and there’s just a little extra touch of hospitality magic through this super simple service solution.


For a festive cocktail party, consider a roaming food and beverage pairing. These small bites (and sips) mimic a mini tasting menu, and are perfect for Fall and Winter parties where guests will spend a good deal of time mingling – and an even better way to spark up a conversation. A favorite for the Ridgewells team and their clients is an Espresso Martini paired with Espresso Crusted Tenderloin and Chipotle Sweet Potato “S’mores.”


Serving up late night bites is already a must-have for many parties, but what Ridgewells does best is to lean into their client’s vision and serve up deliciousness with intention. For an outdoor event on a cool autumn evening, Ridgewells served up an array of handhelds that included warm apple pies, warm pretzels with dips, and comforting paninis – all inside hawker trays that moved around the party. The feeling of a harvest fair was palpable!

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-Warm Greetings, Pick-Your-Own, Tableside, and Late Night: Laura Gordon Photography


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