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Susan on The Wedding Biz Podcast!

Susan featured on The Wedding Biz with Andy Kushner!

Ridgewells' CEO, Susan Lacz, sat down with Andy Kushner for a special podcast: "Susan Lacz: Quality and Culture in Business". In this candid interview, Susan shares her inspiring journey spanning over three decades in the catering world. She reveals her early influences, notably her grandmother, whose culinary brilliance and exceptional hospitality shaped who she is today. Listen in as Susan discusses taking over Ridgewells Catering in 1997, the importance of culture in her company, and broader shifts in the catering and events industry.

See below for some fun sound bites:

"You're only as good as your last party."

"It's a great culture here at Ridgewells, and I've worked really hard on it."

"It's all about the food for us."

"We're here, we're alive, we're kicking, and we're kicking ass!"

Listen to the podcast here!

Susan Lacz catering industry professional podcast


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